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All informational resources are not alike. Some analyze the effects of reform on the nation or the economy, or give detailed guidance to lawyers, brokers and navigators on the fine points of the law and the regulations surrounding it. But there are many valuable resources like charts and fact sheets that explain in simple language what you need to know to make the best decisions for yourself, your family, or your small business.

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Medical Cost Lookup

This medical cost estimator from FAIR Health lets you find out the likely out-of-pocket costs for a range of medical procedures, services and supplies. The estimates are based on what healthcare professionals commonly charge in your zip code.

5 Steps to Stay Covered

Once you have health coverage through the marketplace, it is important to review your plan and your health care needs in order to decide whether you need to change your plan for 2015. This CMS handout is full of tips to help you decide by December 15, 2014, whether you need to change your coverage, and to make sure you get the right coverage at the best price.

Your Personal Guide to Better Health

This interactive guide provides users with personalized tools based on their self-rated health confidence and geographic location. The core feature is an interactive “full health checkup”. Other tools include tips for staying well, solving problems and making health-related decisions, as well as lists of readings, useful links and risk information. The feature is one of the “HowsYourHealth” family of tools provided by Dartmouth College.

Understanding Your Family’s Insurance Options

This one-pager from the Children’s Specialized Hospitals can help you ask questions so you will understand what each plan will and will not cover, and be able to anticipate your out-of-pocket costs. It includes a downloadable health plan evaluation form to record information about your child’s particular healthcare needs.

Churn and Children with Special Health Needs

This August 2014 fact sheet from the Family to Family Health Information Center explains how the ACA may help stabilize health coverage for families who move between health plan to health plan based on changes in eligibility for public or employment-based insurance – also known as “churn” – in health care. (more…)

Health Insurance Literacy Library

Digital tools, fact sheets and other handouts, and videos to help fill gaps in health insurance literacy among consumers and assisters. These materials have been sent to Enroll America by a variety of enrollment stakeholders.

7 Things to Know About Reporting a Life Change

Once you have Marketplace coverage, it’s important to make sure your information stays up to date. This information may change the coverage or savings you’re eligible for. It’s important to report life changes to the Marketplace right away. This July 2014 fact sheet from gives you all the details.

How to Keep Marketplace Health Insurance

This Families USA fact sheet explains the steps needed to keep health insurance purchased on the health insurance marketplace. These steps include paying premiums, keeping information up to date, and renewing coverage every year.

What to Do After You Buy Health Insurance

This Families USA fact sheet gives the basics of getting to know your benefits, paying premiums, finding providers, and how to get questions answered about health insurance.

ACA and Agricultural Workers

This guide from NerdWallet offers a concise breakdown of how the ACA benefits agricultural workers. It lists health benefits, types of health insurance plans, financial assistance options, and ways to purchase coverage.

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