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Topic: CHIP

The Children’s Health Insurance Program provides health insurance for uninsured children in low-income families that do not qualify for Medicaid. States receive federal matching funds to coverage children in families with income under 300% of the federal poverty level. The ACA extends authorization for CHIP through FY 2019 and funding through FY 2015.

Clues for the Trickiest Applications

This November 2015 presentation from the National Immigration Law Center and the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families explains eligibility rules and application processes for immigrants and their families.

Eligibility Mistakes for Tax Dependents has been incorrectly counting Social Security income received by children and other tax dependents when calculating household income. The mistake can push a person’s income over the Medicaid or CHIP eligibility threshold. This February 2015 alert for assistors and advocates explains the error and outlines steps to appeal incorrect eligibility decisions.

Income Rules for Medicaid and the Marketplace

This October 2014 question and answer sheet from the Center on Policy and Budget Priorities discusses the new income measure called MAGI. The measure determines eligibility for marketplace tax credits and Medicaid.

Enrolling Families with Immigrants

This January 2015 webinar for assisters reviews the legal protections for immigrants and outlines the unique steps to apply for coverage.

Responding to Medicaid Redeterminations

Illinois residents who receive Medicaid or All-Kids must complete a redetermination to continue their coverage. This June 2014 FAQ from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services outlines the redetermination process. The FAQ lists the hotline number to call with questions or problems.

Explaining New CHIP and Medicaid Eligibility

This January 2015 primer from the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families describes the new household size and income standards for Medicaid and CHIP enrollment.

Application Process for Families that Include Immigrants

This resource from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities offers an in-depth guide including general rules of immigrant eligibility for healthcare, eligibility factors for federal non-emergency Medicaid and CHIP, as well as showing which immigrant statuses qualify for marketplace coverage.

Simplifying Enrollment and Eligibility with MAGI

This October 2011 fact sheet from Families USA explains the MAGI, or Modified Adjusted Gross Income, which states must transition to from their current income counting rules in Medicaid as coverage is expanded in 2014. The MAGI is essentially the amount of income people report on their taxes. (more…)

Illinois CHIP Fact Sheet – 2010

Under the ACA, Children’s Health Insurance Program will continue to play an important role in providing coverage to children. The law extends authorization for CHIP through FY 2019 and extends funding for the program through FY 2015. It also has a number of implications for state systems and policies regarding eligibility, enrollment, and retention in CHIP. (more…)