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Topic: Children

Most Illinois children in lower-income families qualify for free or low-cost health coverage through Medicaid and/or All Kids. Under the ACA, many privately run health insurance companies also offer similar benefits to parents and kids, including preventive services and “essential health benefits,” and medical, dental, and vision coverage for children with a disability.

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The Affordable Care Act and Adolescents

This August 2013 ASPE research brief from HHS describes provisions in the Affordable Care Act that impact adolescents, such as the prohibition on pre-existing conditions denials and expansion of Medicaid coverage. It includes data on the eligible uninsured adolescent population ages 10-19.

Addressing Barriers to Health Insurance Coverage Among Children

A May 2012 report from the Urban Institute estimated the number of children in complex scenarios that make the retention of coverage difficult. The report notes that children facing at least one complex scenario are more likely to be uninsured than other children. The report gives new estimates for the nation, California, New York, and Texas.

Roadmap of the Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Illinois’ Children and Families

A June 2011 document intended for use by Illinois policy analysts and makers, as well as advocates concerned with the effects and implementation of national health care reform for the population of minor children and their families. The ACA serves as the foundation for this roadmap. (more…)

Illinois CHIP Fact Sheet – 2010

Under the ACA, Children’s Health Insurance Program will continue to play an important role in providing coverage to children. The law extends authorization for CHIP through FY 2019 and extends funding for the program through FY 2015. It also has a number of implications for state systems and policies regarding eligibility, enrollment, and retention in CHIP. (more…)

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