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Topic: Children

Most Illinois children in lower-income families qualify for free or low-cost health coverage through Medicaid and/or All Kids. Under the ACA, many privately run health insurance companies also offer similar benefits to parents and kids, including preventive services and “essential health benefits,” and medical, dental, and vision coverage for children with a disability.

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Enrolling Families with Immigrants

This January 2015 webinar for assisters reviews the legal protections for immigrants and outlines the unique steps to apply for coverage.

Explaining New CHIP and Medicaid Eligibility

This January 2015 primer from the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families describes the new household size and income standards for Medicaid and CHIP enrollment.

Family Engagement for Quality Improvement

This set of tips helps pediatric healthcare teams improve quality improvement efforts. By including patient and family representatives in the beginning of quality improvement work, teams are able to better target efficient, meaningful and sustainable systems change. The tips were published in 2013 by the National Institute of Children’s Health Quality.

Churn and Children with Special Health Needs

This August 2014 fact sheet from the Family to Family Health Information Center explains how the ACA may help stabilize health coverage for families who move between health plan to health plan based on changes in eligibility for public or employment-based insurance – also known as “churn” – in health care. (more…)

What Providers Need to Know about Care Coordination Entities

Care coordination entities work to form alternative models of delivering care to Medicaid clients through provider-organized networks, initially organized around the needs of Illinois’ most complex clients – seniors, and persons with disabilities, and children with complex medical needs. This 22-minute video of a webinar from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services was posted by Illinois Health Connect in December 2013.

Oral Health Matters for Children with Special Needs

This tip sheet highlights the importance of oral health care for children with special needs and points out why good oral health care may be more difficult to obtain for this population, including factors such as medications that may affect the child’s teeth or behaviors that may make visits to the dentist more challenging. (more…)

DHS Services

This list at the Illinois Department of Human Services shows the health and medical services provided by DHS and other Illinois state agencies. The page has links to medical assistance programs and health care services for children, people with disabilities, immigrants, and refugees. There are also links to other sites with further information and resources.

Immunization and the ACA

Preventive care can improve health outcomes. This HHS fact sheet details expanding coverage of immunization and immunization recommendations for adults and children.

What the ACA means for Children and Pediatricians

This brief from the American Academy of Pediatrics reviews what the ACA provisions mean for pediatric care in regards to health care access, health coverage, workforce, reimbursements, and state roles.

Buying Children’s Dental Coverage on the Marketplace

Of all the provisions in the Affordable Care Act, the children’s dental benefit can be most confusing to families. This guide produced by Families USA and the Children’s Dental Health Project uses eight frequently asked questions to help parents understand how this benefit works.

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