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Topic: Chicago

Prior to the ACA, about 30% of Illinois’ uninsured lived in Chicago, the majority of them Black or Latino. The city also has the state’s largest concentrations of immigrant populations, with more than 100 languages spoken, and more than a third of residents speaking a language other than English at home.

The Role of Public Health in Chicago’s Mental Health System

This August 2015 report from Health & Disability Advocates details the Chicago Department of Public Health’s work in supporting behavioral health. The report gives recommendations for improving mental health delivery.

Taxi Driver Affordable Coverage Options

This fact sheet from the Enroll Chicago Small Business Initiative can help answer any questions taxi drivers might have about enrolling in quality health coverage through the new Illinois health insurance marketplace, Get Covered Illinois, and help them choose a plan that best fits their needs and those of their families.

Map: Chicago Uninsured Population and Enrollment Assisters

This map combines data collected and generated by Enroll America with HHS assister data to show high-density uninsured communities and nearby local assistance resources.

LPR Marketplace Protocol Flowchart

This protocol developed by PrimeCare Community Health was successful in helping enroll low-income non-citizens and in families with mixed status, a group facing special hurdles in the Marketplace. See the three core website issues discussed in greater length in this post.

A Profile of Chicago’s Uninsured – 2013

“ENROLL CHICAGO! A profile of the city’s uninsured residents” was produced in July 2013 by the Chicago Department of Public Health and Health & Disability Advocates. It provided the the most recent data on who and where Chicago’s uninsured residents are to help community organizations target outreach, education and enrollment activities. (more…)

CountyCare: A Historic Opportunity to Improve Care for People with HIV

This report by the AIDS Foundation of Chicago outlines the importance of CountyCare and the role it can play in improving access to health services for people with HIV. It also contains a number of policy recommendations for the city and state departments of public health, Cook County, and the federal government. The full title is “CountyCare & the Ryan White Program: Working Together to Optimize Health Outcomes for People with HIV.”

2011 Illinois Health Care Market Facts

This July 2011 infographic from Crain’s Chicago Business presents key health care market statistics for Illinois, based on data from the Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council. It highlights an estimated 407,000 Chicago-area jobs to be supported by hospitals, hospital operations and hospital construction.

Rahm Emanuel’s 2011 Transition Plan

The May 2011 transition plan of Mayor-Elect Rahm Emanuel. It outlines major initiatives the city will undertake during the first 100 days, first year, and first term of his administration.

A Grant for Local Reporting on the West & South Sides

The April 2011 announcement by The Chicago Community Trust of 31 Local Reporting Awards through its Community News Matters program totaling $110,000 for reporting on a variety of important issues affecting Chicago’s low-income areas, from the plight of black men in a recession to the impact of federal health care reform on West and South Side residents.