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Topic: All Kids

All Kids is a state-run program in Illinois that provides comprehensive healthcare benefits for children in lower-income households. Some families pay monthly premiums for the coverage, but rates for middle-income families are significantly lower than on the private market.

What Insurance Can My Client Get?

This October 2015 grid from Health & Disability Advocates gives the dollar amount income thresholds for health care programs in Illinois.

Income Rules for Medicaid and the Marketplace

This October 2014 question and answer sheet from the Center on Policy and Budget Priorities discusses the new income measure called MAGI. The measure determines eligibility for marketplace tax credits and Medicaid.

Enrolling Families with Immigrants

This January 2015 webinar for assisters reviews the legal protections for immigrants and outlines the unique steps to apply for coverage.

Responding to Medicaid Redeterminations

Illinois residents who receive Medicaid or All-Kids must complete a redetermination to continue their coverage. This June 2014 FAQ from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services outlines the redetermination process. The FAQ lists the hotline number to call with questions or problems.

Explaining New CHIP and Medicaid Eligibility

This January 2015 primer from the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families describes the new household size and income standards for Medicaid and CHIP enrollment.

Best Practices for Outreach & Enrollment

This March 2013 presentation, part of the Starting Strong for Community Health series, shared best practices on outreach and enrollment in All Kids and other public benefits program.

Cost-Sharing for Medicaid, All Kids and Illinois Healthy Women

Passage of the “SMART Act” (Public Act 097-0689, the “Save Medicaid Access and Resources Together” Act) brought about changes to participant cost-sharing for Medicaid, All Kids and Illinois Healthy Women. This August 2012 information notice from HFS details the changes in co-pays and co-pay collection for participating providers.

Progress Made with Illinois Medicaid Reforms, But Policy Concerns Remain

This brief from the Shriver Center on Illinois’ Medicaid reform law, signed January 25, 2011, describes how the new law makes progress in necessary areas, especially in implementing national health reform, but may not be best policy in others, especially the changes to All Kids, which narrow eligibility and increase red tape.