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Topic: ACA Outreach

The chronically uninsured tend to face significant barriers to enrollment. The newly insured can also experience challenges keeping coverage. Lack of experience with insurance, language barriers, and deficits of information regarding the Affordable Care Act are examples of the potential barriers. Enrollment events, special materials and a variety of outreach efforts are required to connect these target populations with health coverage.

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LPR Marketplace Protocol Flowchart

This protocol developed by PrimeCare Community Health was successful in helping enroll low-income non-citizens and in families with mixed status, a group facing special hurdles in the Marketplace. See the three core website issues discussed in greater length in this post.

Connecting the Unbanked to Coverage

This webinar, part of the Starting Strong for Community Health! series, provides an understanding of why people are unbanked and the unique challenges they face, payment methods available for people paying premiums on insurance from the Illinois health insurance marketplace, and resources to help individuals become banked. (more…)

ACA in Illinois: Overcoming Barriers to Immigrant Access

This May 2013 report by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant & Refugee Rights addresses the challenges of Affordable Care Act implementation in Illinois. It provides demographic information on Illinois’ immigrant population, highlights the barriers that immigrants in Illinois face as they attempt to access health coverage, and offers an existing model, the Immigrant Family Resource Program, that was developed to address the barriers for immigrants that surfaced in the wake of the 1996 federal welfare law.

Best Practices for Outreach & Enrollment

This March 2013 presentation, part of the Starting Strong for Community Health series, shared best practices on outreach and enrollment in All Kids and other public benefits program.

Language Access Checklist for Marketplace Implementation

This March 2013 checklist from Families USA provides recommendations, tools, and advocacy strategies to ensure that state Health Insurance Marketplaces are accessible for persons with limited English proficiency.

Public Perceptions on Enrolling in Coverage – A National Study

This February 2013 document, prepared Enroll America, summarizes the key findings of this study, which was used to inform the organization’s enrollment outreach efforts.

IHM on ACA at the Public Interest Law Symposium

This March 2012 IHM presentation to the Public Interest Law Symposium covered the basic impact of the law, as well as the efforts of IHM and other policy advocates around health care reform in Illinois.

Making Health Insurance Cost-Sharing Clear to Consumers

A Consumers Union study of consumers’ initial reactions to the new health insurance disclosure form found that they were able to use it to make hypothetical choices among health plans but also revealed a deep-seated confusion and lack of confidence with respect to health plan cost-sharing. (more…)

ACA Presentation: Asian Health Coalition (English)

This May 2012 presentation is the English language version of materials and information offered by the Asian Health Coalition together with Health & Disability Advocates to prepare Asian clients and community organizations to understand the basics of the Affordable Care Act.

Effective Education, Outreach, and Enrollment for the Newly Eligible

This March 2012 tool kit from Health Connector offers lessons learned from Massachusetts’ reform for community organizations trying educate their communities on how they may be affected by health care reform. (more…)

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