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Topic: ACA Outreach

The chronically uninsured tend to face significant barriers to enrollment. The newly insured can also experience challenges keeping coverage. Lack of experience with insurance, language barriers, and deficits of information regarding the Affordable Care Act are examples of the potential barriers. Enrollment events, special materials and a variety of outreach efforts are required to connect these target populations with health coverage.

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Improving Enrollment in Lake County

In a November 2014 report, Health & Disability Advocates and the Lake County Health Department review the outreach efforts of the Enroll Lake County! Initiative. The report analyzes the demographic characteristics of Lake County’s uninsured population before the 2014 enrollment period, details the number of individuals who signed up for a health plan, and provides recommendations for targeting groups who remain uninsured. The report and its recommendations can guide outreach and enrollment activities during the 2015 enrollment period and beyond.

Small Business Survey on ACA Health Insurance Options

This report offers strategies to increase the number of small business employees enrolled in health insurance. The suggestions are based on results of a fall 2014 survey of small business owners designed to gain a better understanding of how, if at all, they are offering health insurance to their employees; what are their views of the Affordable Care Act; and what health insurance information would be useful to them. The report was the result of a collaboration by Health & Disability Advocates and Crain’s Chicago Business.

Making Assister Programs More Effective

This July 2014 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation health insurance Marketplace assister programs was completed by programs themselves using open-ended questions. The report outlines how programs were successful during the last open enrollment period and lists the ways that programs believed that their services can improve for the next round. (more…)

Lessons on Immigrant Access to the ACA

This report from the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights highlights enrollment barriers that immigrants and refugees faced during the first enrollment period. Hurdles included identity and immigration status verification issues, erroneous referrals to Medicaid, case management overload, language barriers, and lack of access for mixed-status families. (more…)

How Millions Got Covered

By April 2014, more than 12 million people had found new or more affordable coverage through the Marketplaces and Medicaid. This report from Community Catalyst, “Connecting Consumers to Coverage: Mobilizing for Enrollment,” showcases the many successful strategies employed throughout the country by consumer health advocates and their partners.

Lessons from Open Enrollment

This survey by Enroll America showed that knowledge barriers inhibited some people from enrolling the first round, as well as high interest in the next round. The article highlights the importance of encouraging moms to enroll young adults, providing the Latino community with more information and enrollment help, and continuing to educate the public about the ACA.

Navigator Resource Guide

This October 2013 guide from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is intended to supplement Navigator training from HHS and focuses specifically on private insurance reforms. The guide breaks down questions regarding individuals with no coverage, individuals with coverage who wish to have more options, and small business owners who want to understand options for their employees.

A Culture of Coverage for Justice-Involved Adults in Illinois

A resource guide for implementing the ACA for criminal justice personnel in Illinois from the Illinois Healthcare Implementation Council. It outlines when and how to best link justice involved individuals with the services they need, and provides resources and materials about enrolling justice-involved adults in health benefits.

ACA Training for Organizations Serving Immigrant Communities

This training workshop for community based organizations serving immigrant communities was presented by the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, EverThrive Illinois, Asian Health Coalition and Illinois Coalition for Immigrant & Refugee Rights. (more…)

Comparing Summary of Benefits and Coverage for People with Disabilities 

This Q&A  from the National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative is intended to help Navigators answer questions that people with disabilities might ask about benefits and coverage available through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

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