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Health Insurance Reform – Comparison to Current Illinois Law

This 2010 fact sheet from the state Department of Insurance provides a side-by-side comparison of protections under existing Illinois law and those offered by the Affordable Care Act on issues such as pre-existing conditions, out-of-pocket limits and unwarranted rescissions.

Encontrar opciones de seguro ( in Spanish)

Esta herramienta lo ayudará a encontrar el seguro médico que mejor se adapta a sus necesidades, ya sea un seguro privado para individuos, familias y pequeñas empresas o programas públicos que pueden que pueden servirle. Fue creada para ayudar a los consumidores bajo la ley de reforma del seguro médico, la Ley del Cuidado de Salud a Bajo Precio.

Uninsured Older Adults in Illinois by Legislative District

This report, by Rob Paral & Assoociates, found that in Illinois there are 287,084 uninsured older adults age 50-64 – 13.3% of this population. In some senate districts, this climbs to over 25%. Often adults in this age group, who are not yet eligible for Medicare, have very limited access to public or private health insurance – especially if they are low income.

Illinois Health Care Reform Implementation Council

Website of the Illinois Health Care Reform Implementation Council, established by Governor Quinn in July 2010 to help the state implement the reforms contained in the Affordable Care Act. The site listed materials, public meeting dates and reports.

Off-Marketplace Insurance Plan Finder

This interactive tool at helps you find and compare private health plans that are available outside the Marketplace. Note that this tool only identifies plans based on basic information you provide. It doesn’t let you buy. If you find a plan that meets your needs, you can buy it directly from the insurance company.

Health Insurance Reform Information Center

The HIRIC, operated by the state Department of Insurance, is a forum for information on the national health insurance reform and its effects on Illinois. The department posts fact sheets, legislation, and other useful material as they becomes available.

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