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Healthcare Reform Will Help Illinois Small Businesses

This 2009 fact sheet from the Small Business Majority noted that small businesses are burdened by high premiums, especially in Illinois with its high degree of market consolidation; it concluded that reform will make healthcare more affordable for the state’s small businesses.

Small Business Tax Credits: The ACA Offers Incentives

A policy brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation describes incentives under the Affordable Care Act for small business owners to provide health insurance coverage for their employees. The brief was published in Health Affairs in January 2011.

Small Business Majority’s Healthcare Research

The Small Business Majority uses scientific and opinion research to provide small business owners, advocates, policymakers and others with the information and tools they need to navigate complex healthcare-related issues.

This May 2012 report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Urban Institute presents the demographic characteristics of nonelderly veterans and their family members by insurance status as well as the number of uninsured veterans by state. (more…)

Medical Loss Ratio Rebates: 2012 Estimates

In April 2012 the Kaiser Family Foundation estimated the amount in rebates consumers and employers could expect to receive that year, by state and market segment.

How Many Have Pre-Existing Conditions? 36 Million to 122 Million

Asked to examine the effect of the ACA prohibition against discrimination based on pre-existing condition, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that previous estimates of individuals with pre-existing conditions ranged from 36 million to 122 million. The estimates in the GAO’s March 2012 study were for people age 19-64.

The ACA at Two: What’s Already in Place and What to Expect

This April 2012 presentation, part of the Starting Strong for Community Health series, includes an overview of the ACA, changes in effect or about to go into effect, pending state and federal policy decisions, and data on the uninsured in Illinois.

Health Insurance Options When You’re Out of School

(March 2012) Young Invincibles and FamiliesUSA’s health care tool kit on the available insurance options for young adults once they have left school.

Explaining the Medical Loss Ratio

This March 2012 fact sheet from the Kaiser Family Foundation explains how the ACA’s MRL provision will affect health insurers and consumers. The provision requires most insurance companies that cover individuals and small businesses to spend at least 80% of their premium dollars on health care (that is, paying medical claims) and quality improvement. (more…)

Immigrants and the ACA: A Primer

A brief description by IHM of how immigrants, non-immigrants and undocumented immigrants are affected by the ACA.

54 Million More Americans with Preventive Coverage

This February 2012 HHS issue brief details how the ACA’s preventive services health benefits are already affecting millions of lives. The act required many insurance plans (so-called ‘non-grandfathered’ plans) to provide coverage for and eliminate cost-sharing on certain recommended preventive health services for policies renewing on or after September 23, 2010.

Medicaid’s Impact in Illinois: Helping People with Serious Health Care Needs

A report on the important role Medicaid plays in providing health care to those with chronic illnesses in Illinois. The analysis is based on data on state residents with cancer, diabetes, chronic lung disease, or heart disease or stroke who rely on Medicaid for their health coverage. The September 2011 report was produced by The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Families USA, The American Diabetes Association, and The American Lung Association.

How the ACA Helps People With Cancer and Their Families

A brochure from the American Cancer Society with straightforward facts and individuals’ stories on how those with cancer can benefit from the Affordable Care Act.

Left Out: Undocumented Immigrants and Medicaid Expansion

This 2011 presentation by SHADAC (the State Health Access Data Assistance Center) explains who are undocumented immigrants, how many are in the U.S., and what national health reform means for them – as well as why the issue is of larger concern.

How Does the Affordable Care Act Help People Living with HIV/AIDS?

A fact sheet from the federal government’s website outlining the ways in which people living with HIV/AIDS – or PLWHAs – will be able to benefit from the Affordable Care Act. The law helps improve access to comprehensive quality health care, thereby improving the health and well-being of all PLWHAs.

The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare

This delightful animated video from Kaiser Family Foundation illustrates how health insurance coverage will work under health reform. Subtitled “Health Insurance Changes Coming Your Way Under the Affordable Care Act,” it explains a complex law in a clever an engaging way.

Understanding Health Reform – A Community Guide for African Americans

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation produced this guide to help everyday people better understand the new law – the benefits available to them and its potential for strengthening our nation’s health and healthcare system. (more…)

The Uninsured and the Difference Health Insurance Makes

This fact sheet describes the situation in 2011, when almost 48 million nonelderly Americans were uninsured, amidst a slow economic recovery. The Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured provides information and analysis on healthcare coverage and access for low-income populations, with a special focus on Medicaid.

Preventive Services Covered by Private Plans

This fact sheet from the Kaiser Family Foundation summarizes preventive services that the ACA requires private health to cover without any patient cost-sharing, and discusses the implications and economic impacts of this coverage being made available. These requirements apply to all private plans with the exception of so-called “grandfathered” plans.

Treatment of Citizens and Immigrants Under Health Reform

This fact sheet from the National Council of La Raza gives a point-by-point comparison of Affordable Care Act provisions as they apply to U.S. citizens, legal immigrants, and the undocumented.

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