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Trusted Voices Transform Care

This November 2015 issue brief from Community Catalyst outlines how Community Health Workers can play a role in health system reform. The brief identifies funding sources to finance these positions and pathways for involving Community Health Workers in local partnerships.

Keeping 30 Million Covered

This November 2015 report from the Urban Institute analyzes the number of people who qualify for special enrollment periods for the health insurance marketplace as well as how many people are taking advantage of them.

Shop to Renew During Open Enrollment

This October 2015 blog post from the Center on Health Insurance Reforms explains the importance of exploring health insurance options when keeping coverage during the general enrollment period.

Targeting the Fasting Growing Religious Group

This October 2015 toolkit from Enroll America offers strategies for health care outreach and enrollment with Muslims. It also provides talking points and action steps for those looking to engage and build partnerships within the Muslim community

Black Friday Health Insurance Discounts

This YouTube video from explains how cost-sharing reductions for ACA marketplace plans work and who qualifies.

Care for the High-Need High-Cost 

This November 2015 multimedia article from the Commonwealth Fund describes innovative health care delivery and payment models being used for patients with chronic conditions.

Data Dive

This October 2015 brief from Enroll America gives a statewide snapshot on areas of uninsurance in Illinois. The brief can be a resource for targeted outreach and enrollment for the marketplace and Medicaid.

Mind the Health Gaps

This November 2015 report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation explores disparities in quality of life in Illinois. The report finds that 5,800 deaths could be avoided if all Illinoisans had equal opportunity to live healthy lives.

Keep Calm and Transition On

This November 2015 toolkit from the Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office will help people with mental health conditions transition from one care provider to another. Strategies are offered for overcoming barriers to care and for strengthening relationships between the person’s care team members.

Young, Invincible…and Insured!

This November 2015 article from Kaiser Health News reviews five things that the uninsured ages 18-31 should consider when getting health coverage in Open Enrollment number three. The article addresses common reasons that a young adult would not buy health insurance.

Affordable, Quality Care for All?

This November 2015 brief from the National Health Council shares patient experiences of Marketplace enrollees with chronic conditions. A major finding: Marketplace consumers, especially those with complex medical needs, require more tools to make informed enrollment decisions.

Coverage is Good Medicine

This pocket card from Doctors America gives health care providers a script to discuss health insurance with their clients. The pocket card, updated for 2014-2015, answers common questions that patients may have about the benefits of health insurance.

5 Pointers for Marketplace Shoppers

This October 2015 explainer from the Commonwealth Fund shares tips for consumers to consider when exploring their health coverage options during Open Enrollment number three.

Savvy Health Insurance Shopping

This comparison worksheet from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is for enrollment assisters working with consumers selecting Marketplace plans. It has been updated for the 2015-2016 enrollment period.

Choosing the Right Level of Coverage

This October 2015 fact sheet from Consumer’s Union explains what the Marketplace’s metal levels mean and how consumers can use the information to compare plans.

Every Little Thing You Do is MAGI

This October 2015 guide from the National Health Law Program explains the new income counting and household composition rules used when applying for health insurance. MAGI is used to determine eligibility for Medicaid and premium tax credits.

The New Shared Responsibility Provision 

This October 2015 flow chart from the Kaiser Family Foundation identifies whether an employer will be subject to penalties for not offering health coverage for their employees in 2016.

Talking Up Obamacare

Using this October 2015 communication guide from Enroll America, Enrollment Assisters can lead effective outreach for the Affordable Care Act. The guide identifies major talking points for assisters and what language to avoid.

Check this List Twice identifies what information Marketplace shoppers will need to have on hand when enrolling in a health insurance plan. This checklist has been updated for the 2016 enrollment period.

Keeping Financial Assistance

This October 2015 FAQ from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities explains how the Marketplace will automatically renew eligibility for advance premium tax credits. The resource identifies best practices for consumers to stay covered on the most economical plan.

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