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Making Health the Best Policy

Making Health the Best Policy
Since the day health care reform was voted into law at the federal level, Illinois policymakers have been at work to implement provisions of the law.  Key legislators and other Illinois officials have a vision of how reform will impact west and south siders’ ability to gain health insurance and health care.

Moreover, they’re working hard to make that vision a reality.  But as they do, they’re fighting another battle on a different front as well.  Those who back the Affordable Care Act are attempting to impart positive messages, to counter Act opponents working daily to ensure its provisions never go into effect.

Arriving at the bold new era in which individuals and families will enjoy access to affordable health insurance and a new level of integrated care will require the efforts of not just policymakers, but community organizations, faith-based groups business organizations, and everyday people across the city. (more…)

Health Care Reform and Chicago’s West and South Side Small Businesses

Reform on the West and South Side
New Age Chicago Furniture, a fourth-generation, family-owned furniture retailer on Chicago’s South Cottage Grove Avenue, has offered discount furniture to its South Side community for 80 years. What it can’t offer is health care coverage to its employees, who can’t afford to insure themselves.

“Ever since the passage of the health reform bill, our mentality hasn’t changed,” says storeowner Loren Pikofsky, who says none of his employees have significant health issues or pre-existing conditions, most are not insured on their own, and those who do have children aren’t likely to have them on All Kids. “The business takes care of my coverage, my family’s and my mom’s,” he continues.  “But as far as employees, there’s been no change.  I spoke to our accountant about it, and we passed over it, because we weren’t any better off.” (more…)

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