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MYTH: “Because of the ACA I’m going to lose Medicare benefits”

FACT: Medicare benefits will not be altered or cut due to the ACA. No Medicare money is being transferred to the ACA. The projections of reduced Medicare spending are based on cost-saving reforms in Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals. No cuts are being made to benefits. In fact, the ACA adds new benefits for seniors, including an annual wellness visit; and it will gradually eliminate the gap in coverage for prescription drugs. Learn more:


In the News:

The $700 billion story – Another ad is based on an exchange that took placed at a town hall meeting in August 2013, in which an elderly man is “scared to death” that he will lose Medicare benefits because $700 billion had been taken out of the program “out of it to put into the Affordable Care Act.” In fact, the figure reflects a decrease in Medicare spending due to reforms in the way the program is run, something that has been supported in principle by both parties in Congress.

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