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MYTH: “ACA plans are not affordable”

FACT: The ACA makes health insurance more affordable by providing financial assistance based on income. Four out of five people who bought a plan on the marketplace received financial assistance, in the form of tax credits and cost sharing subsidies. The law also protects consumers from high costs by placing caps on consumer out-of-pocket spending. Learn more:


In the News:

The Boonstra story – In February 2014, an ad was released featuring Julie Boonstra, a Michigan woman with leukemia who suggested that Obamacare had forced her to take on a new plan that is now “unaffordable.” In fact, her new plan’s premiums are half of what she paid before – which alone would cover the maximum out-of-pocket costs – and she was able to keep her doctor.


Emilie Lamb’s lupus story – Emilie Lamb, a Tennessee woman with lupus, was outraged when her $57-a-month plan was canceled because it didn’t meet the standards of the new law. Her old junk plan had a $25,000 maximum payout per year. The new $373-a-month one has no deductible, a 25% coinsurancewith a $1,500 out-of-pocket limit and no upper limit on what it will pay out for.


The case of “Bette” – The story of “Bette in Spokane” figured prominently in the response to the State of the Union address. Bette Greiner – her full name – reportedly found out that her premiums were going up $700 a month. A local reporter contacted her. It turns out the $700 increase reflected her insurer’s most expensive plan, and that she had not tried looking on the state’s health exchange because “I wouldn’t go on that Obama website at all.”


Dianne Barrette’s story – Dianne Barrette, 57-year-old Florida realtor, was paying $54 a month for a plan “that is not what most people would consider real insurance.” The new plan that FloridaBlue offered her would be $591 a month, which shocked her. But once she learned that, with her income, she was eligible for a substantial upfront discount for good coverage from her same insurer, she became very interested.

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