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Illinois Teen Gets Covered

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Johnathan Hill

Johnathan Hill, Hometown

Johnathan spent a year uninsured. Now, thanks to ACA expanded adult Medicaid, he is able to access the care he needs.

About a year ago, Johnathan Hill – then 18 years oldl – found himself uninsured.

Previously covered under his mother’s insurance, Hill and his mother had anticipated that Hill would switch to his father’s plan. Once he had been dropped from his mother’s plan, however, Hill’s father realized that he could not afford to add Johnathan to his coverage plan.

Without coverage from either parent, and no coverage offered by his part-time employer, Johnathan was stuck.

“I didn’t visit the doctor,” says Hill. “I really wanted to a lot of times, but I didn’t because of the money that I knew it was going to cost me. At one time, I did go to the doctor. I believe it cost me $2,000. That was crazy.”

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