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Happy Birthday, ACA!

Happy Birthday, ACA!

March 23, 2014, is a special day for us. It’s the first birthday when the #ACA has been fully in force. We decided to mark the occasion by tweeting some #ACAturns4 Sunday brunch-time tidbits, memories and flashbacks from recent years. In case you were not able to celebrate with us, here is a roundup of our tweets – and some from our good friends.


And now we are 4 A look back …#ACAturns4

@EverThriveIL: Let’s celebrate! The #ACA turns 4 Sunday so we’re sharing our favorite ACA facts Join us using #ACAturns4 #GetCovered

@EverThriveIL: #ACAturns4 tomorrow! The end of lifetime limits is just one reason we’re celebrating. How about you?

‏@LauraBotwinick Happy Birthday ACA – approved March 23, 2010, upheld June 28, 2012; many positive changes, much work to be done. #ACAturns4 #healthcare4all

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@KYHealthCOOP : Check out this infographic on the progress of the #AffordableCareAct #ACAturns4

@EverThriveIL: Happy 4th birthday, #ACA! Thanks for keeping our kids #healthy with FREE preventive care #ACAturns4 @CoveredIllinois

@MichaelDavid_W 4 years ago, @BarackObama signed the MOST important piece of legislation of his presidency. Happy Birthday, ACA! #ACAturns4 #publichealth


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