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ACA ‘Horror Stories’ and the Articles that Debunked Them

ACA ‘Horror Stories’ and the Articles that Debunked Them

As the Washington Post noted, many “horror stories” about the Affordable Care Act fall apart under scrutiny – yet the debunking information never seems to be to hand when we need it. Well, here is a large collection of scary tales and less-than-truthful anecdotes as fact-checked and debunked by the nation’s press.

Washington Post Plum Line: Obamacare ‘horror stories’ fall apart under scrutiny

Washington Post’s Fact Checker: An attack ad against Obamacare, featuring a man on Medicare

Huffington Post: Americans For Prosperity Runs Anti-Obamacare Ads Featuring Republican Activists

Washington Post (Greg Sargent): More Obamacare horror stories: Do they add up?

ABC: Koch Brothers Ad Attacking Mary Landrieu Uses Paid Actors The right’s sociopathic new scam: Using Americans to harm their own health plans Are Republicans even trying? Another Obamacare horror story bites the dust

Washington Post (Greg Sargent): Morning Plum: How the GOP’s ‘Obamacare horror stories’ strategy works

Bloomberg (Jonathan Bernstein): Ignore the Obamacare Scare Tactics

New York Times (Paul Krugman): Health Care Horror Hooey

LA Times (Michael Hiltzik): Maybe there are no genuine Obamacare horror stories

Washington Post (Fact Checker): A hard-hitting anti-Obamacare ad makes a claim that doesn’t add up The most misleading anti-Obamacare ad yet?

Mother Jones: Has Anyone in America Actually Been Harmed by Obamacare?

Bloomberg (Jonathan Bernstein): Catch of the Day: Republicans Fire, and Miss, at Obamacare

Huffington Post: Obamacare Attack Ad May Actually Expose Obamacare Success Story

Consumer Reports: Don’t be fooled by another ‘Obamacare horror story’ GOP’s Obamacare fiction series: Latest horror story a creation from start to finish

LA Times (Michael Hiltzik): Another bogus Obamacare story: The GOP’s ‘Bette’

Washington Post (Greg Sargent): GOP Obamacare sabotage works

Spokesman-Review: ‘Bette in Spokane,’ cited in McMorris Rodgers’ speech, declined health insurance options

Raw Story: Local reporting debunks Obamacare horror story from Republican SOTU response (Steve Benen): Another ACA horror story fades away

New Republic: The Media Labeled Her an Obamacare Victim. Here’s What She Really Thinks. ‘I would jump at it’ Obamacare ‘victim’ now says loss of previous health plan may be ‘a blessing in disguise’

LA Times (Michael Hiltzik): Another Obamacare horror story debunked

LA Times (Michael Hiltzik): Obamacare hysteria: Don’t believe the canceled insurance hype

ThinkProgress: How To Spot A Fake Obamacare Horror Story

Consumer Reports: That Florida woman’s canceled Blue Cross policy? It’s junk insurance

Washington Post (Erik Wemple): Three Fox News shows called Fla. Obamacare detractor

American Prospect: Another Phony Obamacare Victim Story Inside the Fox News lie machine: I fact-checked Sean Hannity on Obamacare

LA Times: Is Obamacare forcing Bonnie Doon Ice Cream out of business?


This collection of published fact-checking work was compiled by the Herndon Alliance and the Illinois Campaign for Better Health Care. Illinois Health Matters is not a political entity. Links to articles in the national media are intended to showcase efforts of the press to debunk horror stories regarding the ACA. The articles represented are not a reflection of belief, political orientation, or a show of support on behalf of Illinois Health Matters.