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Days Before A Health Emergency

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Timothy Royce

Timothy Royce, Blue Island

Timothy Royce struggled to manage his COPD before he enrolled in Medicaid. Luckily, he enrolled in time to fill his dwindling prescription supply and to cope with an unexpected emergency.

When Timothy Royce slipped and fell in the shower, he was certain he had broken his ribs. Intense pain accompanied a huge bruise along his side. “It really, really hurt,” he says.

Luckily, Royce enrolled in Medicaid just about a week prior to his accident. Royce says that he and his wife got word of a Campaign for Better Health Care navigator, Cheryl Gay, who was enrolling patrons of a local food bank in health care plans. Both decided to enroll during a routine visit to the food bank.

“I was instantly completely relieved,” says Royce. Being uninsured “is a thing that hangs over my head every day… [Medicaid] came in real handy to be able to get to the hospital in order to get taken care of.”

Fortunately, Royce says that the doctors confirmed he had not broken any ribs. He had, however, separated the cartilage between them. The doctors were able to provide him with pain medication while he healed.

Prior to obtaining Medicaid coverage, Royce was uninsured for over half a year. At the end of 2013, Royce’s employer, PetSmart, stopped offering health coverage to their part-time employees.

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